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Takuya Kitamura

Sensyn Robotics, Inc.

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Highly-Accurate Point Cloud Segmentation

Powered by advanced machine learning algorithms by our experts.

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Minami Narita & Keichi Onuma

Sagae Survey & Design, Inc.

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Tomohiko Kajiwara & Takamitsu Ito

Toho Construction Consulting, Inc.

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Companies have partnered with ScanX to benefit from the platform’s advanced machine learning algorithms – helping to speed up workflows for their particular industries.

Speed up your 3D Point Cloud Data
Workflows with ScanX

Efficient and Cost-Effective Online LiDAR & Laser Data Processor

Traditional point cloud processing software is usually available only as native applications. They need a high-end PC to run and are very expensive. We at ScanX have thought of creating a solution to offset the limitations and productivity issues that these systems have.

Ours is an inexpensive browser-based platform that allows point cloud data to be viewed by multiple users online. Many companies have already partnered with us, paving the way for the processing of thousands of projects since the beginning of our operations.

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All Automated Point Cloud Classification

ScanX is built for productivity. The platform aims to make point cloud data analysis easier with the help of automation and the implementation of machine learning algorithms.

With just a few clicks, any of your uploaded data can have complete visualization of point clouds. This includes automated classifications such as land, waterways, buildings, and carbon information. Point cloud clean-ups such as removing noise, dust, and debris can also help ScanX users focus more on analysis; finding solutions to their specific needs.

Committed to Security and Data Privacy

ScanX enforces strict adherence to web security standards. Several measures are taken to ensure client privacy and safety of the information uploaded to our platform. This is executed through hosting data on a secure cloud computing environment and implementing safekeeping initiatives to avoid data breaches and exploitations.


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Engineered and Designed for Productivity

Simply click your profile and run the program. ScanX reduces the workload for manual cleaning and automates time-consuming process without the complexties.

Upload your data and let ScanX process the rest.

Scanx performs autmatic classifications.

Width a single click, you can extract ground surfaces.

Share your data online quickly.

Providing Insightful Industry Solutions

Leading enterprises from different industries work with ScanX, taking advantage of the platform’s sophisticated features in developing solutions for diverse scenarios.

Mining & ConstructionForest ManagementDisaster ManagementSmart City
mining and construction monitoring

With ScanX, 3D visualisation and automated classifications
can help surveyors, engineers, and managers make the 
right decisions with the right data. 
See your site remotely and collobrate from site to HQ effortlessly!

When combined with UAV and TLS Laser systems, ScanX allows the processing of terrain data that cannot be access through normal means.

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forestry management

ScanX can benefit forestry businesses and organizations thanks to its capability in efficiently segmenting canopies. Through our automated platform, any user can instantly count trees, measure tree center points, trunk sizes, and canopy areas.

This makes it easier to extract various types of information in a specific region such as total carbon data. Thus, the potential environmental impacts of removing a canopy or forest can be predicted.

Learn more about how ScanX can help your industry!

disaster management

ScanX can reduce hazards or risks that exist in a certain work area or site. With the aid of our smart waterway analytics, danger zones that can impede vehicles and result in accidents can be located and identified with just a simple click.

This can also be applied in the analysis of zones that have been hit by natural calamities such as floods. Our platform’s automatic classification can give important information to authorities to tailor their plan of action.

Learn more about how ScanX can help your industry!

infrastructure inspection

ScanX is also a useful platform for infrastructure maintenance management and for smart city projects. Our data scientists have developed an automatic classification function that incorporates AI and deep learning to classify urban point cloud data and extract only the necessary data. For example, point cloud data of power lines, trees, buildings and vehicles can be classified.

The web browser-based ScanX makes it easy to collaborate with relevant authorities. Helping with urban safety management and smart city initiatives

Recognized by the media.

ScanX is acknowledged by various news sources as a leading provider of innovative point cloud data processing. With the help of our intelligent AI-based operations, we bring different industries to new heights.

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Automated Workflows

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ScanX workflows provide more opportunities for business growth.

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