We are ScanX

Locus Blue is a software company dedicated to developing solutions to solve the most crucial problems in the spatial industry. We started our company in late October 2019, and in the following year, we launched ScanX that many large enterprises across the globe have put their trust on.

Our vision was well-received by global investors, specially in the U.S. and Japan. We continue to grow partnerships with our lead stakeholders as we develop ScanX, our web-based cloud platform based on the latest concepts of Machine Learning and LiDAR processing methodologies.


We develop solutions to help businesses make the best possible decisions

We created ScanX because we desire to lead various industries towards maximizing their data and digitizing their operations to make accurate business decisions. The paradigm is to help businesses shift to the digital norm— which entails spending less time on manual tasks and more on those that need their 100% attention

We believe that positioning data forward should be on the agenda of every enterprise

When we say positioning data forward, we mean letting your data lead you to the best version of your business. Digitization relies on information to integrate technology into business operations. It’s not an effortless task, but since we patterned our solution in the context of our partners’ industries, we’ve made it easier to happen.

Be more productive with ScanX.

Focus more on your business by integrating collaborative and automated workflows to your industry. Try our 14-day free trial today!
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Fully Secured

Data is private and encrypted in a secure environment.

Automated Workflows

Manual work is significantly reduced by automated workflows.

Cloud Based

Share and Collaborate point cloud data on your web browser.

Highly Efficient

ScanX workflows provide more opportunities for business growth.