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Point Cloud in Factories

Published February 11, 2022
Point Cloud in Factories

Factories are widely known as buildings that mass-produce goods. Not only that, but these zones should also do their task efficiently. Yet, maintaining a factory is a tall order due to the sheer size that it has. You will also need to consider factors such as the placement of machinery.

Point Cloud in Factories makes assessments a lot easier. In this article, we will take a look at how point cloud works in this industry.

Point Cloud in Factories Industry

Kinds of Point Cloud

Before diving deep into specifics, we should know two different point cloud applications. These mainly refer to the capturing place of the 3D scan data. Thus, we can segment them into different kinds; outdoor and indoor.

Outdoor point clouds are those taken outside of a building. For example, it can be a forest, powerline, structure facade, bridge, or farmland. These are commonly captured by drones, LiDAR Vehicles, or Aerial Photogrammetry. This is due to the large area that they cover which entails bulkier tools.

On the other hand, indoor point clouds are those that focus on interiors. These come in handy when scanning the insides of a specific place such as a factory or temple. Lighter LiDAR scanners handle such tasks since they are more flexible in terms of portability.

Point Cloud in Factories Interior

Factory Applications

Scanning factories also mean the use of indoor and outdoor point cloud data. Indoors in a sense that there is a need to know interiors of the place for future assessments. Research from Munich University even studied this field when applied to a digital factory template. They used systems engineering to heighten the efficiency of factory operations using point cloud.

Also, outdoor point cloud data becomes needed for checking of surroundings. Factories must always have the optimal operation. Thus, checking the integrity of the facility and the environment must be conducted.

Point Cloud in Factories Application

Why Use Point Cloud?

Shareable Data

One of the greatest strengths of point cloud is that it can come in many file types. This gives solutions to many problems in terms of modeling, drafting, and planning. Whether you want a 3D model or VR counterpart, Point Cloud is capable of being a starting point.

Furthermore, sending point clouds to other participants of the project is easy. This creates greater collaboration resulting in a faster turnaround.

ScanX Purpose

Speed of Processing

A point cloud is much easier to capture and process, especially in the hands of an expert. Site assessments that used to take weeks are now possible in mere hours. Furthermore, the required manpower is lesser due to the presence of LiDAR scanners. As automated tools, these are precise and accurate, reducing human errors.

Multi-Rotor Drone

Area Capabilities

LiDAR Scans have no problem regardless the size of a facility. It can easily tackle large the interiors and exteriors of a factory with no problem. In fact, the surrounding vicinity and roads are also scanned for maximum efficiency.

ScanX Collaboration

ScanX: Point Cloud in Factories

ScanX is a web-based point cloud software that you can access everywhere. Machine learning and automatic classification equip the platform with functions meant to automate your industry. It also has access to various file formats for any projects that you might have.

By sending a simple link containing the project to your colleagues, they can access the data instantly. This allows for efficient site-to-office communication like never before. All you need is a browser and internet connection to access our cloud-based system. We engineer our software to provide solutions to any industry.

Web-Based, High-Accuracy Point Cloud Processing.
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