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Point Clouds for Resorts

Published March 31, 2022
Point Cloud for Resorts Main

Vacations through resorts are great ways to relieve stress. This helps replenish strength and relax the mind for further activities. With this, it is important for resorts to be well-maintained and properly managed. Point clouds for resort maintenance allow this to happen. In this article, we will take a look at how this technology benefits this industry.

Types of Resorts

Before diving deep into this topic, there is a need to know the basic types of resorts. We will discuss 4 of them.


Hill/Mountain Resorts

Mountain or Hill resorts are very relaxing spots located at high places. With trees surrounding the visitors, it is a touch of nature away from the bustling city. For this reason, many vacationists love to visit mountain/hill resorts.

One must remember that going through these spots might require some land travel. After all, mountain lodgings are best enjoyed when they are at a high elevation. A resort free from landslides or other sorts of hazards is also much appreciated.



Everyone loves the beach. For this reason, beach resorts are one of the most popular go-to places for vacation. Here, you will enjoy the gentle sea breeze and the kiss of the sun. Not only that but the relaxing waves will also greet you.

However, this fame is a double-edged sword. Many people flock to these spaces, which may cause deterioration of the structure. Thus, a well-maintained beach resort is a good way to keep the business going.


An island resort stays true to its name. It is a vacation lodging situated on an island, meaning that it has a secluded beach that is not too populated. This might be due to the difficulty of going to an island resort since sea travel is most likely needed. However, island trips are one of the best out there since you can connect with nature, unbothered by stressing routines.

Because of their distance from the mainland, it might be a bit more difficult to maintain island resorts. After all, you would need to ship a whole team of inspectors just to spot errors.

Point Cloud for In-Land


In-land resorts are resorts that are situated in the heart of the city. How are these relaxing, you may ask? Well, they have amenities such as wave pools and artificial waterfalls. This makes it exciting as it has the comfort of reduced travel.

As said earlier, these structures mainly run through man-made wonders. Thus, there must be rigorous checks to keep them functioning properly.


Point Clouds in Resorts Maintenance

To ensure smooth operations of your resort industry business, proper maintenance is needed. However, people-based inspections are prone to errors. For this reason, point clouds for resorts are the best candidate to do the survey. Here are some reasons why it will benefit you.

Structure Integrity

Guests should always have a guarantee that the amenities they will be using are sound and strong. Point clouds make this easy by providing a digital twin of the whole area so that engineers will assess immediately. The result is an actual 3D representation of the space.



Another benefit of point clouds is that it does not only check the structure but also the surroundings. For example, in a mountain resort, one can verify the growth of the trees in the vicinity with canopy segmentation.

Critical Points

How does a point cloud data view the critical points of a resort? Well, using the tools embedded such as automatic classification, can easily accomplish the task. Also, since the 3D data can be zoomed, rotated, and inspected, it provides versatility to the checker.

Measurement Tool

ScanX: Point Clouds for Resorts

Looking for the best point cloud processor that you can get your hands on? ScanX is the best choice! Ours is a cloud-based platform with infinite possibilities. ScanX is equipped with automatic classification and noise removal, as well as ground extraction to aid in all your survey and construction efforts. Want to inquire? Contact us.

Web-Based, High-Accuracy Point Cloud Processing.
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