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Point Clouds in Sports Facility

Published April 27, 2022
Point Clouds in Sports Outdoor

Sport is a crucial part of human life. It provides entertainment, bonds, and fitness to many people across the world. It is a fact that specific games need their courts or fields. In this article, we will talk about how rehabilitation through point clouds for sports centers happens.

Kinds of Sports

We can categorize sports into two depending on the venue. There are indoor and outdoor ones enjoyed by the masses. Indoor sports are events carried out in enclosed spaces. Some examples of these are table tennis, archery, and darts.

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On the other hand, outdoor sports are the opposite and they happen in wide areas not enclosed by structures. These include football, baseball, running, and biking.

Since they have different means of executing, maintenance will also vary.

Sports Facility Maintenance

Sports facility maintenance is the act of inspecting sports assets for hazards to minimize risks and hazards. It involves two parts, the preventive phase, and the implementation phase.

The preventive phase happens through surveys and inspections by a site engineer or architect. This is also called proactive maintenance due to its capability to detect problems before they become worse.

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On the other hand, the implementation phase comes after the preventive. It involves doing necessary repairs and rehabs to improve on the problem points from the data collected. Together, they help sports centers last for years to come.

Point Clouds in Sport Facility

Where do point clouds fit in this picture? Well, the answer is simple. Point clouds and LiDAR Scanning are the best in fast-acting and responsive surveying and inspection. This is due to its capability to deploy drones with LiDAR scanners which cuts week-long surveys to just hours. Furthermore, the result is a 3D space observable by inspectors through software.

This makes it amazing for the preventive and implementation phases of maintenance, as the results are almost instant.

ScanX Point Cloud Disaster Management

ScanX: Best Point Cloud Processor

ScanX, awarded with the Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism Grand Prize, is an efficient process that can help your business achieve new heights.

It provides great value in the field of point clouds for sports facility maintenance. With the aid of automatic classification, one can separate the ground and building elements for better viewing. Noise is also removed in the process to avoid any type of disturbances. This feature is beneficial for indoor venue maintenance.

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The canopy segmentation feature of ScanX gives detailed information on the trees around the area. This is very useful for outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, and horse riding that should not be affected by growing greeneries. Thus, it also covers outdoor venues.

One of the most powerful features of ScanX is the ability to send shareable links to the Point Cloud scans. With just one click, a viewer can navigate through the app and see the project in real-time. This is crucial in improving the site to office communication in all aspects of the project. Due to such capabilities, it is one of the best processors for point clouds in sports facility.

Web-Based, High-Accuracy Point Cloud Processing.
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