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Basic Plan

Basic Point Cloud Processing

USD299 /month

Upload limit: 10GB / projec
4 projects / month

  • Admin : 1ID
  • Editor : 1ID
  • Viewer : 10ID

Pro Plan

With all major features and design surface import function

$499 /month

Upload limit: 30GB / project
10 projects / month

  • Admin : 1ID
  • Editor : 5ID
  • Viewer : 20ID

Enterprise Plan

For large number of sites and large size of data

$1,199 /month

Upload limit: 70GB / project
20 project / month

  • Admin : 1ID
  • Editor : 10ID
  • Viewer : unlimited


Additional ID

  • Editor : USD49/ID
  • Viewer : USD3/ID (10ID、30ID、50ID)

Basic Plan

Business Plan

Enterprise Plan

User Authorisation

Automatic Classification

Automatic Classification

Available files

Point cloud data Upload
(ptx, ply, e57, bin, txt, xyz, las, laz)
Point Cloud data Upload
ptx, ply, e57, bin, txt, xyz, las, laz
3D data import
LandXML, dxf, obj, glTF
Location data Import
kml, kmz NEW
Centerline file Import
Point Cloud data Upload
ptx, ply, e57, bin, txt, xyz, las, laz
3D Data import
LandXML, dxf, obj, glTF
Location Data import
kml, kmz
Centerline fille import


Data Download

Measuring tool

View Clip

Coordinate Conversion

Noise reduction

Point Cloud Composition

Duplicate point
cloud re-removal

Point thinning

Land surface reclassification


Interpolation of missing area

Manual reclassification

TIN Meshes Generation

Contour Generation

Report Output(JPN) NEW

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I set up multiple free trial accounts in one company?
No. You can only set up one free trial account per company.
What are the payment options?
ScanX accepts most Credit and Debit Cards. Only users in Japan can pay by invoice.
Can I purchase for just one month?
Yes. we don’t have minimum contract length.
Can I recover my data after free trial or cancelling my paid subscription?
We will retain your data for only 14 days after the end of the pre-paid term or free trial.
How do I change or cancel my subscription?
You can change or cancel your subscription at any time from your dashboard in ScanX or by contacting

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