Amazon Partner DNX Solutions Engages With ScanX

Amazon Partner

DNX Solutions, an Amazon Partner in Web Services, Highlights Partnership with ScanX to Improve Scalability.

To heighten cloud optimization of services, ScanX has engaged with DNX Solutions supported by AWS Batch to shift towards event-driven architecture. The link to the post can be seen here.

The platform used Laravel Dispatching to automate provision resources, increasing productivity both on the ScanX client and software side. The focus of this partnership leans towards scaling and expansion of the growing business.

The new system allows ScanX to automatically process everything despite pending queues. ScanX users do not have a set time of operation and workload. Thus, this is beneficial in reducing operating costs.

With this, dispatches for requests are made easier and more efficient. It also results in lesser resources consumed both on ScanX and client-side.

ScanX is a web-based point cloud processing platform. It is a bleeding-edge technology that compresses collaboration and automation through Machine Learning. The platform is continually searching for connections such as Amazon Partner to improve. For more information, you can get a free trial here.

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