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Point Cloud Measurement Tool

Published February 25, 2022
Measurement Tool

Measurements tools are very important for any surveying and engineering project. They provide data and information for a site’s plan, design, and even assessments. Technology has evolved in a way that we can now accurately gauge distances virtually. In this article, we will look at the point cloud measurement tool.

Point Cloud Data Simplified


Point clouds comprise of color, luminosity, and coordinate attributes. Thus, it is possible to measure distances using separate points. Using individual point values and some processing, one can know precise distances with just a few clicks.

Here are the benefits of this feature for its users.

Accurate representation

Derived point cloud data are digital twins of an actual site. It is like capturing the data of a place and transferring it into digital imagery. Furthermore, the imagery is in 3D, and this gives it accuracy and precision.

When using measurement tools, you’ll get the exact value of the distance between two selected points. Also, there are millions of points in a point cloud, and this enhances flexibility.

Measurement Representation


One of the greatest benefits of measurement tools is access. For manual measurements, you need to repeatedly use a device. On the other hand, it only takes one lidar scan for limitless measurement tool usage. This means that you can say goodbye to lengthy measuring wheels or heavy equipment.

The best part about the measurement tool is that you don’t need to be on-site. You can just open the scan on your computer and let the software handle things. Do take note that you need a good processor such as ScanX for maximum efficiency.

Point Cloud in Roads Mapping


Tired of bringing out hefty measuring devices? Well, the measurement tool is the way to go! You only need to click a chosen point, then click another point to make it work. End result: exact measurement of your desired lengths.

Point Cloud in Education ScanX Collaboration

ScanX Measurement Tool

ScanX is a web-based point cloud processor with machine learning. It is able to automatically classify different objects in the space. Furthermore, it has an enhanced measurement tool that does not only cover distance.

Here are the various measurement systems in our software:


Point measurement takes one point out of millions in the cloud. It then reveals the attributes especially the x, y, and z coordinates. This tool is very beneficial in terms of knowing the location of an object relative to others.


Distance measurement makes use of two selected points by the user. After connecting them, one can easily see the distance of separation. So far, this is widely used in the field of engineering and construction.

Measurement for Distance


With area measurement, a user can latch a polygon closure in the classified ground. Multiple vertices help in determining the shape of the area. The displayed output is the total covered area of the selected polygon.


Volume measurement is advantageous, especially in stockpiles and mining. This tool allows users to measure any point cloud volume at given elevations.

Height Profile and Height

Another powerful tool that ScanX has is height profile and height measurement. Height lets you select a starting point and endpoint, and it measures vertical distance. On the other hand, height profile shows the vertical profile of specific points


Angle measurement allows determining of degree between two lines. This is used in construction, building assessments, and surveying.


The different tools above show that we equip ScanX with the best tools. These, along with machine learning and automatic classification, optimizes processes. It does not matter whether you belong in mining, construction, or forestry. We will always have the feature fit for your industry.

For more information, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Web-Based, High-Accuracy Point Cloud Processing.
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