Terms for Commercial Transactions

Reference based on The Act on Specified Commercial Transactions

Company Name ScanX
Representative Satoshi Miyatani
Address 2-3-2 Kaga-Cho, Ichigaya, Shinjuku, Tokyo 162-0062
Telephone Number 050-1742-3040
Fax Number N/A
Email Address info@scanx.jp
URL https://global.scanx.jp/
Price of Service Price indicated in each page
Required Payment
(besides the price of
Consumption tax: 10% of purchase price
Payment Method

(1) Credit Card (VISA – MasterCard – JCB – AMERICAN EXPRESS – DINERS

(2) On user’s request basis, we may issue monthly invoice before its payment (bank transfer, prepaid)

Terms and Conditions of payment Terms and conditions depend on each contract between you and the credit card company you are using. Please make your payment based on the terms and conditions agreed with the credit card company.
Time of Delivery Time of Delivery Users can enjoy 14 days free trial and will be required to register their credit card information at the end of the trial. Soon after users register their credit card information (address, name, card number, expiration date), the service will be available for them. The payment will be charged just after they submit their credit card information. The subscription payment will be charged every month unless the user requests to unsubscribe to ScanX.
Return / Exchange Please be aware that we cannot accept any cancellation or exchange, given the nature of cloud-based services. For further communications for the service, you can contact info@scanx.com: we may be able to follow up on your environment for using our services to the possible extent (in our sole discretion).

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No credit card information required.

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