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LiDAR in Smartphones

Published March 7, 2022
Lidar in Smartphones

Technology keeps getting smaller and smaller. Humans scaled processors from room-sized monsters to nanometers. Furthermore, we even packed the power of a computer into a hand-held device. Now, we have the power of LiDAR in Smartphones and it is stronger than ever.


LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) is a very useful tool. It uses reflected laser inputs to gauge the distance, color, and luminance of an object. Due to its complexity, many used to think that it will be impossible to embed in mobile devices. Yet, improvements in computing sizes helped achieve wondrous results in the field.

ScanX Point Cloud Disaster Management

Currently, we see LiDARs applied to aerial vehicles. Some big smartphone companies such as Apple even implemented the sensors in models. This is what is meant by LiDAR in Smartphones. It applies a LiDAR sensor to a tiny device that processes light load. The innovation caused public interest regarding the capabilities of LiDAR and its applications.

LiDAR for Smartphone Uses

Now that you know about the technology, it’s time to be aware of its uses. Here are some activities you can do with your LiDAR-powered Smartphone.

Lidar in Smartphones

Scanning Places

Got a memorable place that you want to keep forever? Well, you can do this with the power of LiDAR! Simply take your phone out, scan the area, and store the data in cloud. This will preserve it for as long as you want.

Not only that, but the result is more than a photo or video. It is a 3D rendering of the area, meaning that you can view everything at once! There is no need to say goodbye to places that you’ve grown to love.

LiDAR in Smartphones Area Scan

Interior Design

Worried that the sofa you planned to purchase will not work in your living room? Smartphone LiDAR scanning is the way to go! With this, you can grab a detailed view of your room. Afterward, one can simply embed 3D elements such as fixtures, beds, and decorations!

Another benefit that this has is removing the need for agents. You can now directly transact with home buyers or renters as they can see the size and feel of the room digitally. This converts to better finances and profits.

Interior Design

Item Scanning

Got a specific item that you want to show someone in full view? Well, Smartphone LiDARs can handle this load. For example, archaeologists can simply scan an ancient pot and send the data to workmates. This can reduce hazards transportation damages.

This is also very beneficial in e-commerce. The system provides a full digital copy of the items as a way to avoid scams in specifications.

LiDAR in Smartphones Monitor

Measurements through Camera

Curious about the distance between the door and the wall? Want to know the specs of your table? All these are easily achieved by Smartphone LiDARs! By just pointing your camera at the object and clicking two points, it is possible to gauge the exact measurements.

Such features are very useful in the field of construction. This allows for quick processes without the need for bulky measuring tools.


OPTiM GeoScan and ScanX

OPTiM GeoScan is an app that brings efficiency to LiDAR in Smartphones. It integrates GNSS or Global Navigation Satellite System to your scans so that you can use the information anytime and anywhere. This makes surveys a lot easier without the need for heavy equipment.

On the other hand, ScanX is an online point cloud processor that handles LiDAR workloads. Through this system, one can enjoy smart automatic classification of objects. Furthermore. data sharing can occur thanks to shareable links in the app.

When combined together, these software are the most powerful tool to be used with a phone LiDAR. It helps speed up scanning process as well as automates all the processes through machine learning. For more information regarding this partnership, contact us or click here.

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