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Point Clouds in Power Source Management

Published April 20, 2022
Point Clouds for Power Source

Electricity and power are an indispensable part of any civilization. Without it, humans are simply walking blind in the darkness. Also, it pushes us to the limits of innovation. In this article, we will take a look at how point clouds aid in power source management.

What is power source management?

The term refers to any activity that involves taking care of power generators, be it natural or artificial. It encompasses planning, implementation, and even maintenance jobs in all phases.

Point Clouds for Power Source

Due to the growing need for electricity in various countries, there is also a demand for more efficient methods. This is where LiDAR and Point Clouds come in as a systematic approach for various industries.

Various Sources

Let’s take a look at the 5 main electricity sources:


Hydropower refers to any electricity source using moving water as a driving mechanism. Also, this can come in the form of turbines installed in rivers or waterfalls.

Maintenance of such sources includes checking terrain changes due to erosion or natural shifts. With this in mind, LiDAR and point cloud scans provide a safe way to scan such areas without hazards.


Geothermal sources are those that generate power from movements inside the earth. They are mainly related to heat and steam production for driving turbines. A great concern when building geothermal power plants is the location of hotspots. Furthermore, this can be easily solved by employing aerial drones and cross-checking thermography data with 3D space. Consequently, file types are available in point clouds for data migration.


Biomass energy utilizes living or non-living organisms as fuels to burn. They are processed in huge domes or spaces that are well-protected against extreme weather conditions. Also, there might be the presence of harmful gases in burning chambers which can cause deterioration of structures.

Point clouds can prevent this by creating a safe, 3D representation of the space that does not need manual labor. Hazards in surveying are removed for the benefit of engineers and inspectors.

Wind Energy

Wind turbines are usually installed in high places or sites near the ocean. Before proceeding to implementation, a survey is necessary to know the dimensions and overall appearance of the site. With the power of the point cloud with automatic classification, one can determine different elements. This will make sorting better as well as planning.

ScanX: Processor for Power Source Management

ScanX is the best point cloud processor for power source management. It is equipped with Machine learning, automatic segmentation, and noise-cleaning. These features create efficient processes that cut scan and survey time from weeks to hours.

Also, ScanX has shareable links that allow seamless information transfer. With any browser, one can access a project instantly. Curious about how we perform? Try us for free.

Web-Based, High-Accuracy Point Cloud Processing.
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